The Federation of European Professional Photographers gathered in Baden, Austria, for its 45th qualification judging session.

The Qualified European Photographer (QEP) qualification aims to recognise and reward excellence in European Professional Photographers. It is designed to complement national awards systems and has over the years created a Europe-wide network of over 600 certified experts who share a passion and talent for professional photography.

To reach this level, a photographer must have excellent technical and artistic skills, the panel must have, besides technical talent a certain wow-factor that sets them apart from others. For a QEP application a panel of 12 printed and mounted images is required, all representing the candidates’ chosen field of specialization. The panel is judged by a jury of 5 experienced, international judges.

This time 31 QEP applications were submitted, 19 out of which were successful. One of the new QEPs is Colm Kerr of Ireland. He is from the Irish Professional Photographers & Videographers Association – IPPVA. His panel represented the architectural category.

Colm Kerr is an award-winning photographer and commercial video producer known for his unique flair for architectural and fine art photography. He has a passion for creating engaging visual stories that help build strong brands. Originally trained as an industrial engineer, Colm found his true calling in photography in the mid-2000s, drawn by the artistic freedom it offered compared to his previous career.

In 2010, Colm, alongside his wife Aisling, founded CK Studios. Today, he serves as the Creative Director, overseeing the direction and production of the agency’s commercial photography and corporate video projects. His work seamlessly blends technical expertise with an artistic approach, resulting in high-quality visual advertising solutions sought after by clients in various industries like hospitality, corporate, fashion, and lifestyle.

Colm’s talent has been widely recognised in the industry. In 2020, he was awarded six bronze medals together with three silvers at the IPPVA Awards for his exceptional contributions to architecture, fine art, and commercial photography. Furthermore, he clinched the title of the IPPVA Overall Photographer of the Year 2023 and was honoured as the Fine Art Photographer of the Year 2023. Notably, in 2019, Colm received a Gold Medal for the Commercial Videographer of the Year category.

Colm holds an Associateship (AIPF) with both the Irish Photographic Federation and the Irish Professional Photographers and Videographers Association (IPPVA). Colm takes up the role of President in Mullingar’s Camera Club this coming term.

Contact Colm Kerr
Phone: +353 44 933 0000

About his winning Photography

Colm Kere said ‘Skylines change as new buildings spring into life sometimes overshadowing the old ones and claiming the spotlight. These architectural giants are usually observed from a distance, from a car, bus, or train. For me, capturing these buildings and finding their personality was a chance to get a brand-new perspective up close and personal. The importance of capturing the merging materials was the building revealing its true personality to me. Each shadow and reflection further revealed even more details of this portrait. I chose a monochrome medium to focus on texture and contrast and reduce distraction. My aim is to present a section of each building in detail from this perspective to highlight the scale of each one and to connect with the soul of the building. I used extended long exposure to create ethereal looking clouds. I wanted a minimalist sky with maximum interest to have the building become a pathway to the sky.’