Sometimes as an Irish business we can be guilty of being totally focused on our local, or at most, our national market. Now, that’s not to say that we aren’t wholly committed to supporting our local community though.

But, with the year-on-year increase of e-commerce sales, we’ve noticed a growing trend of online orders of our services also reaching further afield.

That’s why we were delighted recently to have been contacted by Roseanne Greco, Principal Interior Designer of Greco Interiors – a boutique Interior Design studio based in Toronto, Canada.

According to Roseanne, her studio specialises in creating “sophisticated, intelligent residences for a discerning cosmopolitan clientele.” She is also inspired by the belief that a “person’s surroundings directly influence their quality of life.”

On one of her most recent projects, Roseanne was commissioned with designing and styling a home for a high-profile client in Canada. This project required a piece of art – something special – to become the focal point of the client’s dining room.

This is where Roseanne reached out to us at CK Studios.

Roseanne, who had obviously already done her research, believed that Colm’s amazing shot of Lough Leinn Collinstown would fit the client’s brief. She was right – she submitted the work to the client, and they loved it!

Now, it’s no secret that true art lovers are always on the lookout for amazing work. Art has the ability to transcend borders, and at ARC studios, we’ve found that our continuous upskilling and drive to improve our services are gradually gaining more and more demand at an international level.

During the times of Covid-19, some photographers unfortunately have seen poor sales, and have found it difficult to succeed. It’s worth remembering though, that according to age old marketing techniques “people buy from people and, more importantly, they buy from people they can relate to in some meaningful way.”

At CK Studios we don’t just “take pictures”, we are avid storytellers. We take absolute pride in every picture we take – we put our heart and soul, and we put every piece of skill that we’ve learned along the way.

With that in mind, we would like to thank Roseanne Greco at Greco Interiors for reaching out, and wish the very best to the new owner of Colm’s shot of Lough Leinn Collinstown.

We’re happy to say that one of our pieces is now sitting pride of place in someone’s dining room, being enjoyed halfway across the world, and with it, a little piece of our heart and soul.