To paraphrase Brian Tracy, an international motivational speaker; at CK Studios, we practice the philosophy of continuous improvement.

We believe in the mantra that to ensure our customers the very best, we have to strive to get a little bit better every single day. We pride ourselves on always listening to our customers’ needs, and we endeavour to upskill whenever and where ever possible so that we can meet the highest of expectations.

That’s why we’re delighted to introduce our newest service: Drone Photography and Videography.

Professional Drone Imagery

At CK Studios our fully registered and certified drone operators now provide drone surveys for the construction and property sectors. These industries include roofing contractors, building contractors, property developers, property maintenance companies, and even auctioneers!

Using our top of the range drones fitted with high-quality camera equipment, we provide a complete drone solution to meet your exact needs.

Our drone operators provide comprehensive drone building surveys, as well as detailed surveys of roofs and façades, using a combination of drone footage and photography. We can also provide contour levels where required.

We can produce detailed progress reports in near real time, progress video reporting, and building project videos for marketing or reporting purposes. Our surveys are fast and highly precise, and under optimal conditions can reach down to 5 cm absolute accuracy. We can also complete the drone survey without interfering with the work occurring on-site.

What are the benefits of drones in surveying?


By using drones, you can completely eliminate most of the risks associated with conventional roof or building inspection methods.


Drones collect more useful information using high-quality images and video. One drone flight produces the possibility of thousands of measurements, which can be represented in many different formats depending on requirements.


Drones perform the overall visual examination and report within a fraction of the time of conventional methods. Capturing survey data with a drone is up to five times faster when compared with land-based methods!

Cost effective

Our drones eliminate the need for costly scaffolding, lifts, or ladders. They also require less manpower, reducing labour costs, while also reducing human risk. As a knock-on effect, drones can also reduce on-site insurance premiums related to safety.

Easy access

Our survey drones can take off and fly almost anywhere. You are no longer limited by unreachable areas, unsafe steep slopes, or harsh terrain unsuitable for traditional measuring tools.

Our drones excel at rapidly acquiring data from points and perspectives that would otherwise be inaccessible during traditional land-based surveys.


Due to the accuracy of the results and far faster turnaround time, using drones for your building survey is a highly cost-effective and time saving method.

The increase in safety that drone surveys offer is beyond comparison, as no amount of on-site safety measures can reduce the risk to human surveyors to the same extent as our drones can. That, coupled with the speed at which data is captured, means that our drones are unparalleled by traditional on-site surveying personnel.

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