About Us

CK Studios is Ireland’s visual advertising specialist. We love nothing more than supporting our clients to build strong brands and drive sales conversions through high quality photography and video productions.

CK Studios was established in 2010 by Aisling and Colm Kerr. Aisling is an expert brand consultant with a passion for helping businesses strengthen their brand identity and heighten brand awareness. Her husband Colm is an experienced photographer and videographer with a unique talent for visual storytelling. Having previously owned a printing company, they have worked side-by-side in the sector for more than 25 years. Together, they bring more than 40 years’ experience in brand building and commercial storytelling to CK Studios.

Aisling and Colm are both wholly committed to supporting their local community. CK Studios has partially sponsored the development of short videos for the Irish Hospice Foundation and Bumbleance, alongside a fundraising concept to support Bumbleance’s valuable work.

Based in Westmeath yet delivering services throughout Ireland, CK Studios works with companies of varying sizes across many different industries including hotels, property, construction and fine art to deliver the very highest standards in visual advertising solutions.

Aisling Kerr


Aisling is a branding expert with decades of experience in print, design and brand building. She cut her teeth with one of Ireland’s leading law printers under the mentorship of experts across all sectors of the business, including creative development, design and sales. With a special flair for creativity, Aisling established ARC Printing with her husband Colm Kerr, specialising in brand development in the hospitality and beauty industries. She has worked with leading beauty brands including Young Blood Mineral Makeup, Caron Wax, Lash Perfect and One Minute Manicure, and delivered speaking engagements to the hospitality industry on brand development for hotels. Aisling followed this success with the launch of CK Studios with Colm in 2010 with a vision for delivering the highest quality visual advertising solutions. She is Arc Studio’s CEO and responsible for client engagement, brand consulting, campaign coordination and styling.

Aisling is passionate about supporting international communities in need and has been intricately involved in the Chernobyl Children’s Project through the Celbridge Outreach Group. She has joined six humanitarian aid convoys to Belarus and presented with a Leixlip Civic Award in recognition of her work with children in Belarus.

Contact Aisling
E: aisling@ckstudios.ie
T: +353 44 933 0000

Colm Kerr

Creative Director

Colm Kerr is an award-winning photographer and commercial video producer with a flair for creating engaging visual stories that build strong brands.

While Colm qualified originally as an industrial engineer, he felt his career choice lacked the creativity and artistic freedom he really desired. An avid writer and poet and member of multiple bands, his zeal for creative projects led him to photography in the mid-2000’s. After embarking on formal training in photography, he quickly discovered his innate talent for visual storytelling – and the growing commercial demand for high quality visual advertising solutions that help drive sales. He founded CK Studios with his wife Aisling in 2010 and today is CK Studios Creative Director, responsible for the direction and production of the agency’s commercial photography and corporate video projects.

Colm’s unique flair for architectural and fine art photography is incorporated throughout his commercial projects, with mixed technical aspects and artistic approach heightening the quality, aspect and interest of his photography and video work. He works regularly on commercial advertising projects for hospitality, corporate, fashion and lifestyle clients.

His work is highly awarded, with six bronze medals presented at the IPPVA Awards in 2020 for his architecture, fine art and commercial photography, following an award for third place in the 2019 IPVAA Awards for Best Commercial Video.

Colm holds Licentiateship (LIPF) with the Irish Photographic Federation and the Irish Professional Photographers and Videographers Association (IPPVA). He has also lent his support to the Chernobyl Children’s Project by participating in a humanitarian aid convoy to Belarus.

Contact Colm
E: colm@ckstudios.ie
T: +353 44 933 0000